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Complimentary 30 minute Coaching Session
Coaching, Leadership Development

It's mid-year 2018, do you have a plan to grow your leadership skills so you can lead your teams successfully through the rest of this years challenges?  Are you facing low employee morale in your organization? Or dealing with high attrition rates? Are you seeing the results that you were expecting to see by mid-year?

Having spent that last 10 years in leadership and almost 20 years at one of the largest aerospace companies in the world, developing leaders and their teams through coaching, team development and communication excellence, I have a passion to see others succeed; to help them build and implement achievable, personal and team development plans that deliver results through developing a culture of leadership excellence. I have been able to reduce employee attrition and improve employee moral by over 63% through one-on-one coaching, team development, and personal growth planning with my teams, my peers and executive leadership.
If you are facing any or all the challenges above, please click on the link below and set-up your complimentary 30-minute coaching session. I would love the opportunity to talk with you and see how I can add value to you or your teams while helping you overcome these challenges and ensure you are on the right path to finish strong in 2018.

Call (425) 737-7255 or visit Calendar link today to schedule your complimentary session today!

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